The Secret to Winning Big

A few years ago I was working four jobs. I had a full time job as a CA trainee, I was running a small business, doing freelance work for startups, and working a few hours a week for a venture capital firm without pay, hoping they’d hire me one day.

All of us have so much to do everyday, so much to get done. Our job/school, famiy, friends, chores, hobbies, business ideas and more, are all fighting for a spot in the same day. And on most days we get overwhelmed and it doesn’t feel like we did justice to any. It all feels so scattered.

Here’s what worked for me, and still does:

Every morning, open up your phone’s notes app or a diary and write down all the things you’d like to get done that day. Then select just three of those things. Three things that if you get done, you would be happy with the day, even if you don’t do the rest.

And then do those three things first. If you do those three things, you win. The rest is a bonus.

This prioritization system makes you feel you are making daily progress, accumulating daily wins. And winning is a habit. The momentum you build with these small wins will translate into bigger wins over time. Rack up those daily wins.

PS: The VC firm hired me after four months.

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