The Secret to Winning Big

A few years ago I was working four jobs. I had a full time job as a CA trainee, I was running a small business, doing freelance work for startups, and working a few hours a week for a venture capital firm without pay, hoping they’d hire me one day. All of us have so […]

Guide to the Different Stages of Startup Fundraising

Raising capital is essential for the success, and even survival, of any new Pakistani startup. Many business owners start with their own personal capital before realizing that they need more money to keep their business running.   Thankfully, there are many different options and sources of investment for new startups. For simplicity sake, it is […]

3 Term Sheet Clauses You Need to Watch Out For

A term sheet is a generally non-binding agreement that shows the basic terms and conditions of an investment. It is usually listed bullet-point style, and used as a basis for the contract once the deal is agreed upon.   Term sheets are mostly important for startups and new Pakistani businesses. This is because new business […]

What is Customer Lifetime Value and Why It’s Important

Whether you are a new business owner interested in evaluating your startup’s financial position, or if you are an investor performing due diligence before entering an investment agreement with a new firm, it is worth understanding the concepts of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).   Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV/LTV) are two […]

What is Customer Acquisition Cost and Why it’s VERY Important

When you start running a business, it can become very confusing to keep track of every metric and KPI that is supposed to measure your startup’s success.   The truth is that while many metrics are good for getting a general idea of your company’s financial position, very few actually give meaningful, long-term insights into […]

How Investors Evaluate Startups

If you are looking to grow or expand your startup in Pakistan, you will eventually need more capital. And one of the most effective ways to raise capital for any business is through investors.   An investor is anyone who puts money into a business with the intention of gaining profit. Now, while this sounds […]

What is a Company’s Burn Rate and Runway?

New businesses are in a delicate situation where they are not earning revenues. However, they are spending money to invest in equipment, pay expenses, overheads, and more.   Therefore, it is very important for Pakistani startups and new businesses to keep track of the money they are spending. It is also necessary to understand exactly […]

5 Financial Management Mistakes Startups Make

Effective financial management is the lifeblood of any business. And for new startups, having good financial management is a matter of survival. Pakistani startups that are unable to manage their finances and bookkeeping are often unable to witness healthy growth and profits.   Hence, bookkeeping, budgeting, and accounting are all necessary for monitoring your company’s […]

What is a Virtual CFO and why you need one

A chief financial officer (CFO) is an individual who is responsible for managing all the financial actions of a company. This includes tracking cash flows, bookkeeping, creating accurate financial statements, managing tax liabilities, and financial planning.   The CFO plays a huge role in making sure that your finances are managed effectively and that all […]